Next Generation Operations

We offer BPO services with infrastructure and robotics (BPaaS) to help you optimise costs and the reliability of your operations. automate your work processes. Our clients enjoy greater efficiency, satisfaction, and significant cost reduction, without majorly impacting the organisation.

Document Management

Bluetab can help you capture key information (dates, amounts…) from physical documents (pdfs, jpegs…) and transform it in data that is clean and ready for inventory.

Cataloguing/Indexing of financial documentation by type and metadata.

Consolidation of databases (e.g. between local regions and the Central Government) and claim generation.

Amount validation (payroll, invoices and VAT).

Efficient customer support (people + chat bots)

Telemarketing campaigns & churn reduction

Alert management

Next Best Actions

Bluetab can help you classify and prioritise your events to reduce volumes and costs, while still maintaining quality service (chatbots and predictive models).

Data-Entry Automation

Bluetab can help you with periodic data-entry on premises or on external systems, so you can complete operations in parallel.

High portability for telcos.

High credit record volume for banking.

Commission calculation

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