Data to Action

Bluetab looks at the entire information lifecycle. We ensure your data is in the best shape possible. So you can make business decisions faster and with far greater confidence.

Advanced Analytics

Bluetab brings together information from Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data platforms to generate dashboards and visualizations that go well beyond traditional reporting and analytics and lead to maximum insights and business opportunities. Our capabilities include the latest in text, speech analytics and sentiment analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Advanced Dashboarding and Visualization

We make it easy to zero in on the information that matters most for more insights and confident decision making.

Process Integration

We incorporate new nodes and deeper knowledge into existing processes to make them ‘intelligent processes’, including Next Best Action analytics.

Data Discovery

We help uncover insights hidden behind volumes of data to give your business a competitive advantage.

Real-Time Rule-Based Actions

We develop real-time rule-based analytics applications for any industry, including tools for easier cross-selling and up-selling.

Optimization Models

We use data to continually improve predictive models to help you get answers to complex problems take actions that make sense in the real world.

Data Governance

The complexity of informations systems, the quantity of data, and regulation around data accuracy increases daily. Staying on top of legislation and avoiding data swamps involves more than technology. Bluetab implements Data Governance projects from an organizational, procedural and technical point of view to ensure all your data is legally compliant and trustworthy.

Reference and Master Data

We help businesses manage shared data, create common, company-wide data dictionaries and assign ownership of KPIs and key terms, to eliminate redundancies, increase data accuracy and ensure data stewardship.

Enterprise Metadata Management (EMM)

We capture, integrate and manage metadata from virtually any provider, including data modeling tools, databases, ETL engines, BI and many more.

Data Lifecycle Governance

From data capture and transformation to analysis and action, we ensure every step your data takes is covered.

Data Quality

We define, monitor and correct your data to ensure data quality.

Enterprise Platforms

Bluetab gathers, transforms, controls, displays and stores information from traditional Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data platforms. Our dashboards and visualizations go well beyond traditional reporting, and lead to maximum insights and opportunities for your business.

End-to-End BI

We’re experts at designing and implementing BI projects from start to finish, but can also optimise, expand and redesign your existing platforms.

Big Data Architecture

Experts in database storage and No SQL, we help you process large volumes of structured and unstructured information at low cost and with high performance.

ETL Tools and Reporting

We have the highest level of expertise ETL and ad hoc and self service reporting tools such as Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), IBM InfoSphere, Informatica PowerCenter and Apache NiFi.

Complex Event Processing (CEP)

We implement high performance big data platforms, using tools such as Drools, Drools Fusion or Esper, DSCP (Storm, S4, Spark streams, Samza) and DSCP+.

BI Maturity Assessment

We help you assess the maturity of all your BI and analytics programs.

Technical Competence Centre

Bluetab Technical Competence Centres are multidisciplinary teams that converge business and IT concerns. We serve as the interface between different stakeholders–vendors, consultants, developers, project managers–and provide expertise on various BI and Big Data data platforms.

We define, document and validate detailed technical architecture requirements, and train high performance teams, to continuously improve corporate performance and increase ROI.

Technical Architecture

We define and design technical architecture for better business outcomes.

Performance Optimization

We dramatically improve your system performance while ensuring scalability.

Expert Support

Our specialized technicians and engineers provide top level consulting and support.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

We ensure that developed software meets technical specifications as well as economic and managerial concerns.

Industry Benchmarking

We define best practices and provide comprehensive documentation to achieve the best performance and avoid bottlenecks.

Continuous Improvement

We combine Technical Architecture and BPM to drive continuous business improvement.