enterprise software and technical services company with offices in the UK, Spain, USA, Mexico and Peru.

Founded in 2005, our experience base is drawn from diverse backgrounds in the IT, telecoms and consulting industries. We have experienced a steady and controlled growth whilst maintaining our culture of execution and attention to detail and are now a 100+ strong team which continues to expand internationally.

Our philosophy is based on teamwork, technical excellence and building and maintaining a close relationship with our customers. We enjoy exploring the capabilities that technology offers and think there is always a better solution waiting to be found.

BI services

Technical expertise and years of experience giving service to the biggest BI platforms in the world.

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Revenue Management

More than 20 years of experience enabling and improving the revenue flows of big companies.

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Event Collector & Management

Event / meter data collection and management framework designed to manage volumes efficiently in a fault-tolerant architecture.

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Distributed Billing Engine

Transaction management framework that supports usage accounting, dynamic pricing, rating, billing, revenue sharing and settlements models.

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