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Work from Málaga on future projects in Data, Cloud & AI.

Are you from Málaga or surrounding areas but left for another city in search of better job opportunities?

Do you want to live in Málaga without giving up your professional career in DATA, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence?

We are looking for senior DATA and Cloud profiles to work on projects with leading European companies.


Málaga embodies the south, the beach, the great atmosphere, and quality of life. But it’s also about innovation, technology, talent… And at Bluetab, we know this well.

Who said you can’t have it all? Why choose between quality of life and top projects? We foster in Málaga the best of both worlds: challenging and interesting projects alongside excellent weather, ‘even in the workplace’.

Bluetab, like Málaga, thrives on the cutting edge. We drive the technological future across Europe, fostering a co-creation environment through a robust knowledge community built for restless minds that see challenges as their true comfort zone. Our focus is on specialization, people, teamwork, and work-life balance.

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