360° customer vision model

We are the primary Big Data platform partner to one of the leading global financial institutions in technology. In the framework of our collaboration, the various group entities are provided with an infrastructure with the data necessary to build the Manager-Customer relationship. This solution will make it possible to analyse a 360º view of the customer-manager relationship from start to finish, i.e. from the time the web manager displays an announcement or an advertising campaign to a customer until they acquire a banking product.

We developed the project based on a definition of variables, alignment of concepts, importance of the customer relationship and contactability by means of face-to-face and digital means; with subsequent naming in the corporate dictionary and subsequent registration of the reference physical model in RAW and Master for external sources. We executed an analysis for mastering and generation of the guidance document for mastering development.

The main technologies in this environment are HDFS databases, Avro and Parquet; ETL processing in Scala/Spark in the corporate Data Lake, performing planning in Control-M.