Cloud Warehouse in Banking

The path of banks to be “Data driven companies” causes the volume of data to be stored and processed to grow exponentially.

We carry out one of the most strategic Data projects to facilitate infrastructure scaling in one of the largest financial entities in Spain. Managing a Cloud environment to support the elasticity that users demand.

With this service, reporting that allows controlling and detecting the factors that impact the quality of the services offered by the Entity is provided. The dashboard facilitates decision-making to implement continuous improvement processes, specifically through detection, preventive and corrective logics that allow minimizing response times to improve the quality of digital services.

The project is based on bots that simulate virtual service requests for all channels, allowing to know the status of all the processes involved at all times. Additionally, a customer view is provided, tracing the information in the files (logs) that contain customer information to select the most relevant KPIS and carry out aggregated extractions for their exploitation.

Technologies: Cloud AWS, PostgreSQL, S3, Grafana, MicroStrategy