RDA regulatory

In line with the needs of financial institutions as regards Risk Data Aggregation (RDA) systems and reporting, Bluetab was involved initially with the banks of systemic importance (2015-2017) and subsequently collaborated with other Spanish financial institutions (2019-2020) for their compliance with the supervisory standard set by the Basel Committee (BCBS 239).

Subsequently with the other Spanish banks (2019-2020). Due to the resulting requirements, information systems and reporting techniques have received increasing attention from the regulatory agencies, which have focused on transferring the criticality of accurately reporting the main indicators of risk, exposure, assets, liabilities and obligations, etc.

Bluetab has carried out projects of various types, domestically and internationally, for design and construction of a data mart to provision the Risk Department reports applicable to RDA, in addition to a redefinition of the current reports adapted to the new methodology for compliance with the principles they require for effective fulfilment of the requirements. In the international project, it was necessary to package a base model (core) that has subsequently been adapted to the particular circumstances of the local entities.

To carry out the different projects, the processes were built in PowerCenter with the construction of scorecards and validation of information in MicroStrategy in the global project for banks of systemic importance due to their global involvement, and in DataStage and OBIEE for the Spanish financial institution.