Iceberg Model

The tip of the iceberg. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with a business perspective.
We are familiar with the techniques and know how to use technology to help you efficiently leverage your data.

AI is one of the biggest trends in the world of data. Why? Recent advances in AI, particularly in Generative AI, have provided us with much more powerful technology that can be deployed in much less time and has the ability to transform a wide range of business use cases.

Don’t miss out on this wave of innovation. We are applying Generative AI to transform the way we do our work, and we are helping our clients do the same.


With Generative AI, you can deploy a powerful toolbox in a wide range of use cases.

We help you develop use cases with Generative AI and achieve improvements in performance, quality, and automation at another level. We are already doing it.


The design of architectures and platforms is key to developing AI at scale in the business world.

We help you deploy a wide range of AI-based functionalities, integrating various platforms available in the market, implementing ML-Ops methodologies, and defining an appropriate balance between using paid AI and open-source AI.


Compliance with regulation is a ‘must be,’ and today, defining an innovation-based AI strategy is also a ‘must be.’

We help you develop and deploy the AI governance framework that helps you comply with regulations and transform your company with AI.

We develop use cases with Generative AI and provide you with our use cases in software management, data governance, knowledge management, and document processing.

We define a lifecycle considering all the new elements that Generative AI includes: models, prompts, fine-tuning for task specialization, monitoring.

We integrate Generative AI directly into processes to achieve higher levels of autonomy without losing monitoring capabilities.We define a lifecycle considering all the new elements that Generative AI includes: models, prompts, fine-tuning for task specialization, monitoring.

We design architectures to deploy AI at scale in production, integrating different tools and platforms from hyperscalers.

We define and deploy MLOps methodologies to automate the AI lifecycle without losing the necessary traceability and supervision.

We help you set up AI use case incubators, make prioritization decisions based on experimentation, and transition from experimentation to production.

We define and deploy the AI governance framework that best fits your company based on standards, best practices, and regulations.

We deploy monitoring tools and AI development and deployment methodologies that automate your AI governance framework.

Business Data Management

We specialize in data but are not exclusively technologists. We provide the functional support necessary to ensure the success of projects. We understand the business vision to translate it into data architecture.

We know how to set the plan in motion. Building a data platform on complex technological environments requires having the best professionals. We are flexible with our clients’ reality. We integrate market best practices in business intelligence tailored to their processes and technological approach.

BI & Modern BI

We have been part of technological evolution. We know how to tackle the most complex problems in each scenario. We specialize in reducing the risks and associated costs of complex ecosystems in traditional BI and Big Data technologies, and enhancing the infrastructure required by a modern organization.

Enterprise Reporting & Data Viz

We have extensive experience with most tools in the reporting and data visualization market. We know how to maximize their security and visualization features. We prepare efficient self-service environments that are valuable for the business.

Defining an appropriate data strategy and selecting the necessary technologies for its implementation requires an independent and experienced vision. We focus on the simplicity and scalability of solutions to adapt to the needs of our clients and their future vision.

Architecture services

We help you define the architecture that best suits your needs, whether in cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments. We design development, integration, and continuous deployment environments specifically to achieve greater efficiency in the use of technology on your data platform.


Data governance is part of the data strategy. We are experts in designing policies, procedures, and mechanisms for data management and governance. We have experience in the most demanding regulatory environments. We design and assist in implementing processes that are useful for achieving goals, not just for the sake of compliance.


We can help you design, accelerate, or optimize your cloud data strategy. We know how to handle the complexity of a continuously evolving technological stack. We prioritize security and infrastructure control to maximize the competitive advantages of cloud data architectures. We have a great team of experts specialized in different cloud environments.