Omnichannel infrastructure

A Spanish multinational banking group asked us to provide its various group entities with an infrastructure with the necessary data to construct its customer’s “journey”. This solution will make it possible to analyse the customer journey from start to finish, i.e. from the time the customer displays an announcement or an advertising campaign until they acquire a banking product.

In this project, data ingestions are performed from external sources such as: Salesforce Marketing Cloud (a marketing tool that lets you manage marketing campaigns across multiple channels), Adobe Analytics (an analytics tool that gathers all information relating to user activity on the web or in mobile applications), and Marketing Channels (Facebook, Sizmek, Google AdWords, Search Console, etc.).

The development is based on preliminary analysis and design of the data model for the external sources; a comprehensive security analysis that determines the sensitive information for the model that will need to be encrypted; naming assignment in the corporate dictionary with registration of the reference physical model in RAW and Master for external sources. An analysis was also conducted for mastering and generation of the guidance document for mastering development.
The main technologies in this environment are HDFS databases, Avro and Parquet; ETL processing in Scala/Spark in the corporate Data Lake, with exploitation in the corporate CRM-Salesforce and MicroStrategy.